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“Do Bold Things and Endure”

Realize America that your right to own and carry a handgun should also equate a sense of responsibility to learn and train to the proper employment of that handgun. I am not just talking about pointing and firing a handgun at a piece of paper. I am talking about a complete lifestyle change that starts the minute you bring a handgun into your home. Did you purchase the gun with the mindset of protecting your home? Have you decided to open or conceal carry the gun?

When you made the decision to carry; or if you are considering the decision to begin to carry a handgun on your person for self-defense; Have you taken into consideration you literally make a life and death decision every time you step out your door? The decision you have made is by having the means and the potential of you using deadly force on another person in a violent self-defense confrontation.

A study conducted of 300 hundred actual gun fight survivors (police and civilian alike) concluded above and beyond the statistical average that those that properly trained to the engagement and those that had the proper mindset at the time of violence were the most successful of winning the conflict. How certain are you that you have those abilities?

Ask yourself these questions and make an assessment: Did your Concealed Carry class prepare you for that violent confrontation? Did sitting in the classroom for eight hours teach you the concept of how to draw your weapon without shooting yourself? How about without shooting an innocent by-stander? In all honesty, did a classroom presentation and shooting a round target at 21 feet allow you any real feeling of confidence that you were now properly trained toward a life and death situation where you might have to use deadly force? The answer is no. Because talking about hypotheticals is not doing it. Listening on the how to’s and what not’s is not performing to the actuality of it. Standing on a range and plinking at a target is just not sufficient enough training for real world events that may happen around you rapidly. You know this, I know this.

What are the answers? First, understanding the lifestyle changes you will need to adapt. This can be accomplished by learning to establish a personal protection and personal training plan. Exercise and learn skills with practical training and follow up with consistent practice.

Our goal at Realize America is to build confident, competent handgun owners. We keep our class size limited to ten and only ten students. We do this so we can focus as much time as necessary individually on each and every student. Our various levels of instruction start with basic fundamental principles and graduate into more advanced techniques. We place emphasis on each person as to how to establish their own personal training plan.

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