There are currently over 8 million concealed carry permit holders in the United State and that number is continually climbing.  In the last several years Sheriff's across America have come out with various statements saying that there needs to be more responsibly trained citizens to meet the increasing crime rates across the U.S.A.  I could not agree more.  There should be training made available. The key word here being, “available”. If you look online, you can find training. There is no lack of places of instruction located in and around your area. However, for you and I, the average person, how available is something, if it is not affordable?  Learning and training to be a responsibly armed citizen should not be cost inhibitive. I firmly believe people want to get educated and train to better skills than they currently have. I honestly think the majority of you recognize the massive responsibility you have as a gun owner to get that training. My goal is to train as many responsible gun owners that I can.  We do our best to making that training as  affordable to you as we can.  Here is the run down on who I am, what I know, and most importantly what you can benefit from my experience in training and instruction.

All affiliated instructors to Realize America are independently contracted, NRA Certified expert professionals that bring a vast array of instructional experience and backgrounds to the teaching environment. The men and women that instruct with me are just as passionate as I am in delivering concise quality instruction.
That is our standard.